About Us

Seneps Consulting provides a wide arrayof servicesin the area of Web design, Educational:- study abroad, Consular Services and Official documentation.Our official ducumentations aim at supporting  Visas, Passport and other officialapplications.

Our graduate educational consultancy is a personilized and collaborated service to help students navigate and to fulfill their graduate study ambitions.  We help stuents determine the best fit for Universities and programs that match the student academic background.

Official documentation is essential for further consular application processes such as Ghanaian pasports and others. It is vital to recognize the crucial importance of the list of documents stated below as official and legal. Seneps Consulting support and guide you to solve your documentation challenges by evaluating your circumstance and recommend the appropriate documentations required

We are an expert in Web development and help creat the best online digital marketing strategies for your businesses. We advise and work closely with you from the intiation of your web development to the closure of the project to achieve the desired project objectives.

Seneps CS focues exclusively on high quality and cost-effective service provision.We keep to our confidential rules and high quality standards.  Your success is our pride.


Consular Services

Apply your Visas, Passports and other legal documents to support your application as listed below.We study your circumstance and advice you the type of document you need to support your application.


Documentation that provide official information for the basis to support your application of your Passport  such as Affidavit, Gazette, Birth Certificate etc offshore.

Web Design

We offer Web development consultancy. We help you design your  quality static or dynamic website at a very low cost.


We provide Educational consultancy on Graduate and Undergraduate Universities in Europe but emphasis are  Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and Germany.

We Believe In

Providing excellent service

Applying and maintaining the agreed upon standard and solution in a flexible and efficient manner.

In-depth professional knowledge in every area of our expertise.

High ethics, reliability and maximum loyalty to each customer.

Information Confidentiality