Documentation that provide official information for the basis to support your Passport application  such as Affidavit, Gazette, Birth Certificate etc offshore.

Couples can get married in Denmark for varied reasons. It could be that they face lengthy administrative processes in their country of residence. Couples may want to have a large ceremonial or simple wedding with quick and easy legal processes. However, the bureaucratic processes in some countries makes it cumbersome and stressful  if not impossible.

Generally, the documents needed to get married is simple, the processing is quick and Denmark is an awesome place to visit. Many international couples marry in Copenhagen and other town halls around Denmark. I experienced it , Experience it too !!!

Our list of documents include but not limited to :


Gazette if change of name or date of birth

Counseling on Renunciation

Birth Certificate

Marriages in Ghana.

Divorce in Ghana

Marital Status Certificate

Marry in Denmark

Counseling on Dual citizenship

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